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Model PC 252 Remote
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Model PC 414




  • Round Dial model for distribution transformers
  • Self powered operation
  • Liquid in Metal expansion type
  • Ergonomically designed 240 deg dial for optimum viewing
  • Complete Ambient temperature & Head compensation
  • IP55 weather proof ventilated case, can be directly mounted on transformer
  • Various Measuring ranges: 0-150°C, 20-140°C, 30-150°C, 0-120°C 
  • Measuring accuracy of 1.5% fsd.
  • Stainless steel armour sheathed capillary of 3m provided as standard
  • Winding Temperature is measured using a special Thermal Imaging device which is specially designed for each transformer manufacturer
  • Thermal imaging device accurately simulates the winding temperature gradient as a function of CT secondary current
  • Since the time constant of the thermal imaging device is same as oil immersed transformer winding, the winding temperature is accurately tracked with respect to time.
  • Switch and circuit testing facility provided from outside the case
  • Maximum Temperature indicating pointer is provided
  • All components are made of brass and non ferrous materials for reliable long-term performance
  • No periodic site adjustments
  • On Model PC414, Two Microswitches or Two Mercury switches are provided as standard
  • For more number of switches, Model PC252 can be used
  • Mercury switches have 2A, 250V ac/dc rating
  • Microswitches have better vibration resistance
  • Microswitches are not sensitive to deviation from vertical mounting
  • Also, use of mercury is banned in many countries
  • All Micro switches in PC414 have 15A, 250V ac rating
  • For higher dc rating Model PC171 with MBO microswitches can be used
  • All circuits to earth are tested at 2500V, 50Hz for 1 minute

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